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Wheel Alignment


Wheel alignment is crucial to the performance of any vehicle.

Hunter Engineering Warwich RIIncorrect alignment can lead to:

  ● Reduced fuel economy
  ● Increased tire wear
  ● Vehicle pulls/drifts on the highway
  ● Loss of stability during cornering

At IMG we are passionate about how a car should drive. All Alignments are performed in house by our techs a our location at 4614 Post Road in Warwick R.I. 02818. This allows us to control the quality of the alignment. We use a current Hunter alignment system that is updated and calibrated regularly. We also use auxiliary measuring tools to ensure the chassis ride height is as specified. This allows us to ensure that the geometry of the chassis is as designed.

When you offer all of the services that we do, you only want to put your trust in the best equipment. When it comes to tire balancing and alignment, our choice hands down is Hunter Engineering. From four wheel alignments, to balancing Hunter Engineering is the leader in precision equipment.
professional wheel alignment equipment

International uses Hunter "Road Force" wheel balancers for the most accurate balancing results. Something you won't find in any "bargain" tire outlet!



Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment will tire and wheel alignmentsave you money by significantly extending the life of your tires and suspension! 



What happens when you donít fix your alignment issue?

ē Safety Issues
ē Uneven Tire Wear
ē Poor Fuel Economy
ē Premature Wear Of Parts




Why Do Cars Need Alignment?


Watch this video to Learn more

  Why is a Wheel Alignment Important?


Itís no surprise that your vehicle will drive better in Providence, Warwick, North Kingstown, Coventry, Cranson and any other suburbs on Greenwich Bay if all the wheels are pointed in the same direction. Thatís called wheel alignment. If your wheels are out of alignment you may notice that your car pulls to one side or the other.


Something that you wonít notice right away, but you will if you keep driving the outskirts of Greenwich Bay when youíre out of alignment, is that your tires are wearing unevenly and fairly quickly. Thatís because when the vehicle is pulling to one side, you have to steer it back straight. The outside of the tire just wears out fast because youíre constantly turning, which can be very exhausting on a long road trip from downtown Providence Ė fighting to keep the vehicle going straight down the road.


Some of the things that commonly throw a wheel out of alignment are slamming into a pothole in North Kingstown, smacking a curb in Coventry or something like a rock in Cranson. And it doesnít have to be a big shock, it can just be the regular bumps and bangs of daily driving that add up and eventually take your vehicle out of alignment. Thatís why one of our advisors at International Motor Group may suggest having your alignment checked periodically.


wheel out of alignmentWith an alignment service at International Motor Group, we measure each wheelís alignment and to see where they are relative to factory specifications. While we have the vehicle on the alignment rack, we inspect the tires for wear as well as the suspension and steering components for damage or wear Ė things that can contribute to alignment problems. With some sedans you can adjust all four wheels so we bring all wheels into alignment. On those vehicles where you can only adjust the front wheels, we bring the front into alignment relative to the rear.

Cost varies by whether or not itís two or four wheel adjustable. Four-wheel drive vehicles may have an additional charge because theyíre more difficult to align. At any rate, itís cheaper than having to replace tires every few months.


If itís been a while since youíve had your wheels aligned, there are several ways to schedule an appointment for service and/or repair with International Motor Group; Either SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE, CALL US at  401-885-4044 and/or bring your vehicle to our service center at 4614 Post Road in Warwick R.I. 02818 for an alignment check.



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